Friday, 30 March 2012

General Knowledge in Hindi Question

1.Thomas Sargent(US)
2.Christopher A.Sims(US)
Tomas Transtromer(Sweden

Q:Where in India is the first peacock centre set up?choolanoor(palakkd)
Q:The Valmiki Nat'nal park is locketed:Bihar.

Q:Name d short film about child poverty in India which won d 'Golden Lamp Tree' award at the 42nd International Film festival?
Another Planet

>Longest served central minister-Babu Jagjeevan
Ram(28 yrs)
>Longest served chief minister-Jyoti Basu (23 yrs,

*Which Country Won This Year's Davis Cup?
*When Was Gateway of India Opened?
>December 4 1924
>Foundation Was Laid in March 1911

-?World Forest Day-March 21
-?World Animal Day-Oct3
-?World Habitat Day-Oct4

National Vaccination day
World dance day
-APR 29
World Ozone day
-SEP 16
World Thrift day
-OCT 30
World food day
-OCT 16

Books & authrs
Malgudi days -
R. K. Narayan
Malabar mind -
Anitha Nair
District diary -
Jaswant sing

1.Gaullatiri (Chile)
2.Laskar (Chile)
3.Cotopaxi (Equador)
4.Tupungatito (Chile)
5.Popocatepeti (Mexico)
06 Sangay (Equador)

-*Frogs use their Eyes to help them to eat their
*Taylor Vally is in USA
*Feb 1885 is the only Month (in Record) not to have
a Full Moo

*Kya aapko malum h ki kis Country me ek bhi Nadi(River) nahi h?
*Which is Most populated state in india?
>Utter pradesh.
Famous Paintrs
*Picasso,Salvador Dali=Spain
*Jackson Pollard-USA.

Do you know?
-bangal ka vibhajan kab hua th?
Ans:1905 me
-gaandhi ne namak kaanun kab toda?

NewDelhi mein Republic Day par Grand Parade se salute kaun leta hai-President
Republic Day par parade kahan se start hoti hai-Rashtrapati Bha

Green House Effect (Harit Griha Prabhav) ke liye kaun si Gas responsible hai?
World Environment Day kab manate hain?
"June 5"

All India Harijan Sangh' ke founder?(RAS07)
"Mahatma Gandhi"
1585 mein Akbar ne apni Rajdhani kahan shift ki?(RAS07)

Luni Nadi end mein kahan girti hai?
"Kutchh ka Rann"
Taal Chaapar Abhyaranya kis district mein h?

2016 ke olympic khel kis desh mein honge?

>The headquarters of World Bank is located at Washington DC.
>The International court of Justice is located in Hague,Holland.

Countries & his Independence Date:
Afghanistan: 19th August
Armenia:28th May
Australia:4th January
U.S.A: 4th July
Bangladesh: 16th Decembe

Which of the following Countriesis the host for the 2016 olympic Games?
1 South Africa
2 Netherlands
3 Brazil
4 Italy

>Swine-Flu Namak Rog konse "Viruse" Se Hota He?


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